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Dongguan SLNY Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded at the end of 2013, a joint venture company, registered capital of 4 million yuan. Dongguan is located in the town of Changping environmental protection base, is a research and development, production, packaging, sales and service in one of the new energy enterprises.

Sheng Li energy in lithium batteries, lithium batteries for leading products, is committed to building the "Sheng Li" brand, with high quality, the manufacture of shaped aluminum batteries with high capacity, high voltage and the rapid rise in energy industry. The company planning a total number of 400 people, 8 senior engineers, Nissan to 160 thousand ma.

Since the establishment of the company, adhering to the "people-oriented, quality first" purpose, and actively improve the rapid development of Sheng Li energy, in a short period of time more than the annual output value of 50 million, in 2015 the output value exceeded billion yuan, is currently in the steady and rapid development......

Sheng Li culture is a high degree of unity of value concept and practice, and it is gradually formed in the process of production and operation of the energy of Sheng Li. Sheng Li Sheng Li at the early stage of construction, energy development, energy leadership based on summing up the domestic lithium industry experience, the establishment of strategic goals for manufacturing first-class products, create first-class enterprise. The company relies on lithium batteries integrated the advantages of the platform, based on "high starting point, high technology, high quality, high efficiency, high efficiency" and "high five" construction principle, carry forward the "pragmatic, pioneering first-class" spirit of enterprise and "I am filled their" team spirit, the cost leadership strategy, resource strategy, talent reserve development strategy, innovation strategy, environment construction strategy, brand strategy, information strategy as Sheng Li energy development strategy, adhere to the innovation of technology and management, the Sheng Li energy on leading technology, the super conventional development road.

In the course of development of Sheng Li energy, "unswervingly adhere to the best combination of subjective and objective, the team and staff of creative passion", Dongguan Sheng Li energy science and technology limited company based on the actual weight, do practical work, see the effectiveness, the concept of culture into all aspects of production and construction and quality management, is committed to using culture to enhance the leadership, execution and cohesion, promote productivity to culture, enhancing the overall level of development in soft power. Today's Sheng Li energy companies have been showing an endless charm, is driving the energy of the "excellent" from excellence to excellence in the world, "said Mr. Sheng Li".
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